What could I win in the end?

A numbers game: Let’s take the LCS and our bet targets the Match Cloud 9 vs. Match. TSM. From us or the bookmaker you learn that the odd 1.35 stands for the victory for Cloud 9. We bet 10 € on the victory of Cloud 9 against TSM. If you win Cloud 9, your bet now multiplies by a factor of 1.35 (odds).

10 € (stake) x 1.35 (odds) = 13.50 € (profit)

Combining bets increases the payout considerably as the bet is calculated on each of the odds.

Use x odds 1 x odds 2 x … = profit

Again, a numerical example: You bet 10 € on Cloud 9 Vs. TSM and combines the bet with another discipline, e.g. on the overall victory of G2 in IEM Katowice 2018, which is endowed with a quota of 2.9. When both bets come in, you win:

10 € (stake) x 1.35 (odds 1) x 2.90 (odds 2) = 39.15 € (profit)

ESport Betting on League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the biggest games ever with over 60 million players. The eSport system from RIOT Games is one of the best-established in the whole genre.

Every year a large number of important tournaments take place. Every spring and summer, the two league phases of the LCS 2018 (Season 8) take place. Not enough, two major international events take place annually: the LoL World Cup (Worlds 2018) and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2018).

LoL bookmakers generally offer the following betting markets:

  • The match winner (between two teams)
  • The overall winner / tournament winner
  • Special bets (First Nashor, First Pentakill, First Blood)

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ESport Betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

CS: GO is one of the most famous games. In CS: GO terrorists and counter-terrorists play round-based against each other. The game has an estimated fanbase of just 6 million active players, but they “burn” it for their game. In addition, there is no other eSport title that comes up with such a high tournament density. The most popular Counter-Strike tournament is the Intel Extreme Masters. Last year, the 2017 edition featured $ 300,000 in prize money in Oakland.

For CS: GO bookmakers generally offer the following betting markets:

  • Overall winner of an encounter (between two teams)
  • card wins
  • Group winners in big tournaments
  • Handicap Betting

Are eSport bets legal?

Yes, eSports bets are legal! The digital bets are no different from other sports bets. The English-speaking region has for years been the most liberal market in the world, which has now established itself in the USA. The legalization and liberalization of the betting market has finally given the industry a serious image. For country specifics, the bookmakers provide plenty of useful country and IP related information. As already mentioned, we work only with reputable betting providers, which we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Are there any bonus bets or promotions for eSports?

Yes, there are some bookmakers who are always offering bonuses on their bets, like Bet-at-home and Betway, which sometimes offer up to 150% credit on the first bet. But note: It is always the current fixing of the bookmaker. Also for this we have for you a small overview with the best eSports bonus betting providers.