Hearthstone betting info in brief

We’ll introduce you to Hearthstone in detail and give you an overview of the different bets on this eSport game. The various bookmakers for Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft offer you league, tournament, singles and special bets. Bet365 and Betway are currently offering the most attractive bets on Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a fast strategy card game that has been very popular since the beta phase. Responsible for the online game is, as the additional title “Heroes of Warcraft” already suggests Blizzard Entertainment. Since the official release date in early 2014, the gaming community is constantly growing. Even if the professional scene is still quite manageable and the prize money can not keep up with the top titles, there were more big tournaments in 2015 than ever, especially the World Cup in autumn 2015. But this seems to be only the beginning, because For the Hearthstone World Championship 2016, the prize money was greatly increased and for the competitive HS season 2017, the Championship Tour with 3 events (Winter / Spring / Summer) was launched. The next Hearthstone World Cup will take place again in early 2018. The game, which is strongly reminiscent of Magic the Gathering, is now played by millions of gamers every day and is also in the current live streamers in the program. The odds are currently only available for the big tournaments.

Betting on Hearthstone tournaments

Even as Hearthstone was still in beta, there were the first smaller tournaments and of course already the first bookmakers who had included the game in their betting program. According to the current status (spring 2016), some renowned providers such as Bet365, Betway or Bet-at-Home can place bets on major Hearthstone events, such as the World Cup or their qualification tournaments in the Championship Tour. Other tournaments on which bets can be placed include the Innkeeper Invitational or the HomeStory Cup.

Current & upcoming Hearthstone tournaments with betting info:

  • Tour Stop Season 1 2018 – HCT Toronto ($ 15,000) | 09/03 – 11/03/2018
  • Copa America 2018 Autumn ($ 15,000) | 10/03 – 15/04/2018
  • Tour Stop Season 1 2018 – HCT Bangkok ($ 15,000) | 13/03 – 16/03/2018
  • Tour Stop Season 1 2018 – HCT Oslo ($ 15,000) | 24/03 – 25/03/2018
  • Copa America 2018 Winter ($ 15,000) | 23/06 – 19/08/2018

We’ve picked out a video for you that looks great on the gameplay of Hearthstone. We hope you enjoy watching!

How to Play Hearthstone in the Beta Phase?

Update: Since mid-January 2014, you can play Hearthstone for free in the open beta. Getting a Beta Key for Hearthstone is not necessarily easy. Either one can dust one of the much sought-after beta keys in numerous sweepstakes or you sign up in Blizzard’s Battlenet to get beta access even before the official launch of Hearthstone’s “Heroes of Warcraft”. In the further steps one must download a small program, which conveys to the publisher of Hearthstone all important basic data of its own PC or Mac configuration. If you fit into the profile, you will receive a key with which you can download the beta version of the online card game.