Bet-at-home is one of the major and well-known bookmakers in the English and German-speaking world. Bet-at-home eSports bets are an important part of the sports betting offer. The offer is growing continuously. Already there are many top games and interesting types of bets in the portfolio. For eSport fans bet-at-home is an interesting betting provider, also because there is a lucrative welcome bonus up to 100 euros. In the following report we analyze exactly the strengths and weaknesses of bet-at-home and discuss all important details in detail.

Bet-at-home has an interesting selection of games in its portfolio. Currently Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, Street Fighter V, NBA 2K and FIFA are offered. For most eSport fans it is important that the big games are available. But there’s sure to be one or the other sports betting fan who welcomes bet-at-home sporting games like NBA 2K and FIFA. Especially these games are currently not available at many European eSport betting providers. The offer is growing at bet-at-home, so it can be assumed that more games will be added to the portfolio in the future.

Betting types

The range of available bet types varies greatly depending on the game and event. Sometimes it is only possible to tap on the tournament winner or the winner in a match. Often there are also additional betting options, for example LoL: Winner Map, Spread, First Blood (Map 1), Under / Over Maps. At bet-at-home the betting options are clearly displayed so that it is easy to select the desired bet types. It is obvious at a glance which options are available at an event. This makes it easy for eSports fans to choose the right bets quickly and easily.

eSports bets at bet-at-home can also be placed in the form of live bets. The classic pre-match bets show whether a live option is also offered. In addition, there is a live betting section in which the current and upcoming eSport bets are presented at bet-at-home in the live area. eSport is quite often offered in live betting. Almost all eSports events are also included in the live area. The selection of betting options is similar to that of pre-match betting.

Bet-at-home is one of the largest bookmakers in the European countries. Bet-at-home eSport bets are only a small part of the total portfolio. For example, bet-at-home also offers football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, handball and many fringe sports. For bet-at-home, eSport is just one of many sports on offer. For many interested sports betting fans this has the advantage that it is not necessary to use different bookmakers. At bet-at-home, for example, customers can place football bets, tennis bets and eSport bets in parallel.

The average quota key at bet-at-home is just over 92 percent. This is not an outstanding value. ESport also complies with the average quota key. For larger events, the quota key may increase to 93 or 94 percent. The quota key at bet-at-home in the eSport area is much higher. The quota level is good at bet-at-home eSport, but not outstanding. The odds alone would be no reason to open an account with bet-at-home. But conversely, the quotas are so good that there is no reason to waive the quotas because of an account opening at bet-at-home.

Welcome Bonus

The 100 Euro welcome bonus from bet-at-home is a 50 percent deposit bonus. This bonus is activated with the bet-at-home bonus code FIRST. The bonus and the deposited amount must be converted 4 times with a minimum quota of 1.7. The percentage is likely to be a bit higher, but it is still a fair and attractive bonus offer. Especially important for eSport fans: The sales with Dota 2, Starcraft 2, CS: GO, League of Legends and all the other games in the eSport area are rated 100 percent. The activation of the bonus works according to a predetermined scheme: After the first deposit, the new customer must click on “redeem bonus” in the customer account and enter the bet-at-home bonus code FIRST. Important: The bonus code must be used within 10 days of the first deposit. The simplest method is to use the bonus code immediately after the first deposit. Anyway, the first deposit with bet-at-home only makes sense if the bonus is to be activated.

Available payment methods

The choice of payment methods offered depends on the country. For example, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Klarna, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, Giropay, Bank Transfer and Trustly are offered in European countries. The choice of payment option is excellent and leaves nothing to be desired. Most importantly, PayPal offers one of the most popular and popular payment methods. Many internet users have a PayPal account for purchases. At bet-at-home, deposits and withdrawals with PayPal are fast and free of charge.

100 Euro welcome bonus

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