Discovering the World of Game Development and Online Learning Options

The Harvard Gamedevs Club Wants You to Be a Game Developer

Video games are a huge industry. They have defined generations and are a massive revenue source for many companies. Yet, few people know how they are made. The Harvard Gamedevs club is working to change that.

Through lectures, projects, and hands-on work, this CS50x course teaches the basics of game design and development. It covers frameworks like Unity and LOVE 2D, and programming languages like Lua and C#.


Whether you’re looking for a certificate program or just want to improve your skills, Coursera has something for you. This online platform offers courses from top global universities and institutions. Its free courses consist of lecture videos and presentations, readings, discussion forums and assignments and quizzes. The site also offers paid, verified certificates for some classes.

These courses can help you become a stronger candidate for a job. They usually include a hands-on project that you can cite on your resume or during an interview. Moreover, they often offer a specialized certificate that can enhance your job prospects.

Another advantage of Coursera is its mobile app. The app allows users to watch lectures and complete quizzes on their smartphones. The app also features a search function and supports different languages. You can also ask questions on the course forums and get responses from other students. In addition, the app lets you play course videos at different speeds.


Udemy’s global marketplace features courses created by thousands of expert instructors. Its extensive, multi-lingual library has over 150,000 classes covering everything from computer science and photography to foreign languages and entrepreneurship. Its on-demand learning model makes it easy for students to start and stop classes at their convenience. They can also download courses for offline use.

The platform’s course structure includes video lectures, slides, text and additional resources. Instructors can add quizzes and practice tests to help students learn more effectively. Students can also share their progress with other students.

The platform’s support chat is an AI-driven tool that provides immediate answers to common questions. It can answer basic questions about the platform and its features, but will redirect users with more complex inquiries to a live customer support representative. It is available to both new and returning users. It can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the screen.


BitDegree is a blockchain-based platform that offers courses, certificates and tokens. Students earn these tokens when they complete courses and connect with companies through the platform. They can also use these tokens to apply for micro-scholarships and get free courses. These scholarships can help them boost their resumes.

The platform features a range of courses in various subjects, although it mainly focuses on programming and technology. Courses are divided into categories such as Blockchain, Business, Coding & Programming, Data Science, IT Security and Software, Design, Marketing, and Music, as well as more general topics like personal development.

The online courses are free and include a certificate of completion. You can share this certification on social media or add it to your LinkedIn profile. These certificates can also be printed to show your friends and colleagues. They are also backed up on the blockchain, so they cannot be stolen or lost. This makes them more reliable than paper certificates.

Holberton Tulsa

Holberton Tulsa is a tuition-free, deferred college alternative for software engineering students. Its curriculum is designed to help students become coding experts and develop the soft skills needed for success in the industry. It also provides job placement assistance for graduates.

The school is based in San Francisco and has campuses in New Haven, Tulsa, Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Tunisia. Its program is a combination of classroom instruction and project-based learning. The school’s emphasis on teamwork allows students to master in-demand skills quickly and efficiently. Students can start with zero coding knowledge and complete the full-stack software engineer program in 12 or 20 months. The program also includes front end and back end web development, augmented reality, and machine learning.

The school has been expanding rapidly since its founding in 2020. It has recently opened an office in Tulsa, and its co-founders Sylvain Kalache and Julien Barbier have plans to expand the company to other cities in the US and internationally.

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